Krypton K SCL2

System for measuring and control of total chlorine

Krypton K SCL2 System for measuring and control of total chlorine
  • Higher safety by integrated flow monitoring
  • Suitable for high pH values up to pH 12
  • Reduced pH influence


Ready for use system to measure and control total chlorine (= free chlorine and organically bound chlorine)


  • control total chlorine for Disinfection Disinfection
  • control total chlorine for Drinking Water - Beverages Drinking Water / Beverages
  • control total chlorine for Process Water Process Water
  • control total chlorine for Cooling And Boiler Feed Water Cooling And Boiler Feed Water


  • Inclusive instrument, membrane sensor, PMMA flow assembly (with sampling point, stop cocks for inlet and outlet, flow monitoring and temperature sensor) and all necessary cables
  • Plain text menu guidance
  • Password function
  • 2 limit values with delay, assigned to alarm relay
  • 2 separate PI controllers
  • Dosage check
  • Background illuminated LC-Display for measured value and temperature
  • Serial interface RS 485
  • Scaleable, galvanically isolated 0/4 .. 20 mA output
  • Display of relay status and error messages

technical data

measuring parameter

total Chlorine 0 .. 10 mg/l TCl2

input characteristics

temperature measuring range -30 .. +140°C
flow monitoring Flow monitor with integrated Pt 100
max. pressure 0.5 bar
flow ~ 30 .. 200 l/h
ambient temperature 1 .. 45°C
pH-range 4 .. 12 pH


output characteristics

output signal 0/4 .. 20 mA (scaleable, galvanically isolated)
load max. 500 Ohm
registration range free scaleable within the measuring range
voltage output +/- 6 VDC
serial interface RS 485
baud rate 9600
data format 8 bit


power supply

line voltage 24/ 117/ 230 VAC, +6/ -10 %, 40 .. 60 Hz
power consumption 10 VA


ambient conditions

ambient temperature operation 1 .. 45°C
storage -20 .. +65°C
Storage sensor: 10 .. 30°C
relative humidity max. 90% rH at 40°C (non-condensing)
protection class
wall mounted housing IP 65



control response on/off controller (adjustable hysteresis)
P/PI controller (pulse-pause, pulse-frequency or continuous output)
relays 3 relays each with potential-free NO contact, max. 250 V, 6 A, 550 VA
onset delay 0 .. 200 sec till controller active


mechanical construction

material board: PVC, assembly: PMMA, cocks: PP/PVC
instrument: ABS, sensor: PVC, stainless steel
dimensions 700 x 395 mm
sampling point 1/4'' female thread with stop cock
water coupling inlet/outlet: 1/2'' female thread with stop cocks and tube connectors DN6/8


order information



article number

Krypton K SCL2


measuring system, Total Chlorine




Service Set SCL2

consisting of:
membrane cap M48
electrolyte gel ECP 1/G