DMS302 Dual Cylinder Scale

The Eagle Microsystems Model DMS302 is a mechanically actuated dual cylinder scale for weighing compressed gas cylinders such as
for chlorine and sulfur dioxide. It is a true high accuracy scale with a three-beam linkage system. The scale has two independent, solid PVC
weighing platforms with dedicated, high-resolution indicators and mechanical tare adjustments. Materials of construction have been selected to insure optimum in corrosion resistance in the harsh water and wastewater treatment and industrial chemical feed environments. The DMS302 is the standard of the industry in cylinder weighing and is suitable for any compressed gas cylinder application within its dimensional and weight limitations.

  • Large, easy to read display, 20% larger than competing units
  • Post-mounted support bracket and safety chains - standard
  • Designed for hostile, high corrosion environments
  • Solid PVC scale base is warranted for 5 years.
  • No special tools required for installation

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