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Every drop counts in today’s environment, and you need to feel secure that your chlorination system will deliver bacteria-killing power day in and day out.

The Accu-Tab ® chlorination system stands up to the toughest chlorine demands, destroying illness-causing bacteria and other pathogenic micro-organisms as effectively and consistently as gas and bleach.  The difference?  The Accu-Tab system is safer, simpler, easy to maintain, and non-corrosive.  It also eliminates the storage and handling hassles and high capital expenditures associated with gas and bleach regulatory requirements.

PPG pioneered calcium hypochlorite technology, and today Accu-Tab systems are used worldwide and certified by the NSF, USDA, EPA, FDA, and AWWA for various applications.  These include Beverage Plants, Cooling Towers, Drinking Water, Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Irrigation, Military, Mining, Rural Water, and other specialized uses.

Make the Accu-Tab system your powerful choice for chlorination.

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