SUPERIORTM products for water and wastewater treatment represent the most modern design technology coupled with the very best materials available. We've created outstanding user-friendly equipment, designed with user safety as our primary concern.



  • Ultra-Thick Fluoroplastic Yoke Coating
  • All Fiberglass Reinforced ABS Molding
  • Fluoroplastic Rate Valve "Seat"
  • Titanium Non-Corroding Bolts & Nuts
  • Extra-Heavy Ejector Diffuser Outlet Threads
  • "Universal" Ejector Diffuser
  • PVDF Vacuum Tube Fittings - "User Friendly"
  • High/Low Back Pressure Check Valve Is Standard
  • Easiest to Maintain and Service
  • Fewer Parts - Made From Better Materials
  • Lower Initial Cost...Lower Operating Cost
  • 3-Year Warranty...Lifetime Warranty on 5 Major Parts