McCrometer RemoteCONNECT Telemetry System

Irrigators will find McCrometer’s RemoteCONNECT™ Telemetry System enhances irrigation by delivering up-to-date flow data via the Internet for centralized monitoring and control, which takes the guesswork out of water management and frees irrigators to focus on other critical tasks.

Flow data via the internet from
flow experts

The RemoteCONNECT System is a turn-key wireless remote monitoring system with 24/7 capability, which reduces costly manual data collection. McCrometer, the irrigation industry’s most trusted flow meter supplier for 55 years, now provides a single go-to source for automated flow measurement system hardware, software, installation, training, support and field service. McCrometer’s vast experience in flow metering and flow data combined with an understanding of irrigator’s goals allowed us to design an expandable system to meet needs today and in the future.

RemoteCONNECT System

Key features include:
Save time with flow data available
anytime from the Internet
One stop shop total solution from the
flow experts-McCrometer provides
Affordable solution for multiple meter
sites requiring only one satellite
connection for every 25 meters
Control equipment remotely saving
valuable time
Easy to install or retrofit with your
existing McCrometer flow meters or
those from other suppliers
Durable against tampering and bad
weather with heavy-duty materials and
tamper-resistant security screws


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